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Art Deco frieze

Plaster frieze, designed and carved after the work of Jean Dunand, Art Deco


Commission, Rothko copies

Rothko copy

Commission, Rothko copy on canvas


Abstract commission on canvas

Japanese tiger panel

Painted wood panel, Japanese style tigers

hand-painted detail

painted detail ceiling/wall to match fabrics


Classical mural

wall colour

Soft,brushed wall colour ( false stucco)

Painted furniture

Painted furniture to match fabrics and wall colour


Trompe l'oeil ceiling trellis and climbing foliage

silver leaf ceiling

Vaulted ceiling with applied silver leaf

lift interior

Lift interior with wood-grained oak panels

beams faux old oak

Concrete ceiling beams painted to look like old oak

faux walnut

Wood graining,walnut

faux marble

faux painted marble


Applied stucco veneziano

grey stucco

Applied stucco marmorino

rothko orange red (3)

Painted commission in the style of Mark Rothko

Rothko oil on canvas

Commission painted in the style of Mark Rothko

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